Applied Business Strategy provides insolvency and restructuring services. Our professionals have led, with integrity, every aspect of a business restructuring. ABS team members have:

  • Served as an independent board member for several private and public insolvent companies,
  • Held many interim senior management positions,
  • Served as an expert witness in insolvency related disputes,
  • Prepared strategic reports,
  • Served as a receiver or trustee, and
  • Served as a financial advisor to numerous clients with an interest in the outcome of a restructuring.

Members of our team have served as Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President of Acquisitions, Receiver or Trustee – giving us a unique perspective in challenging business situations. In these roles, our professionals have developed and executed revenue growth and performance improvement plans, acquired companies, divested businesses, and implemented aggressive liquidity improvement initiatives.

ABS professionals have a deep understanding of the unique needs of corporate boards, management teams, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees, receivers, examiners, and owners.

Members of our team have contributed leading roles in large bankruptcy cases for private and multi-national public companies including Calpine Corporation, United Airlines, Inc., Northwest Airlines Corp. (now Delta Air Lines) and Enron Corporation.