At Applied Business Strategy, our valuation practice focuses on opining on financial value. Our approach includes selecting the leading analytical and research tools that are appropriate for each engagement. We combine these tools with our experience to deliver world-class service and quality.

We can provide the leadership needed for the most complex and challenging situations including total enterprise valuation, equity valuation, debt valuation and contested valuation issues. Our past experiences have included the country’s second largest electric utility provider, a large national insurance provider, several multinational companies and small privately held manufacturing concerns.

Challenging valuations can require an independent assessment of financial projections. Our valuation approach may include, based on our client’s requirements, a professional assessment and opinion on the financial projections underlying the valuation. Our forecasting approach uses solid analytical techniques which may include statistical modeling.

We have access to leading economic and industry forecast and research tools. This provides a solid basis for financial forecasts underlying the valuation opinion. When paired with our approach to Business Strategy, our valuation services provide significant support for our opinions in both contested and uncontested matters. We are uniquely qualified to address challenging valuation situations, and can help you with:

• Total Enterprise Valuation
• Debt and Equity Valuation
• Fairness and Solvency Opinions
• Damages
• Impairment Testing
• Purchase Price Allocation