• Applied Business Strategy acting as interim Chief Financial Officer

Applied Business Strategy Engaged as Interim Chief Financial Officer

An Applied Business Strategy professional has been engaged by a private equity backed international tier one and aftermarket producer of components for the heavy truck and trailer markets as interim Chief Financial Officer.  ABS’s engagement was the result of an untimely departure of the prior Chief Financial Officer.

2023-07-14T14:32:05-04:00July 14th, 2023|

Strategy Engagement – Metal Fabrication Industry

Providing strategic support to private family business is a request ABS often receives. Recently, ABS was engaged to provide strategic advice by a family owned metal fabrication company. In this role, ABS is providing analysis to support revenue growth in the face of a sharp decline in revenue. The analysis performed involves interviewing potential customers about functionality needs and target prices and redeploying personnel to support revenue growth, among other actions.

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